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Instruction in SRJC’s Natural Resource Management program includes exploration, demonstration, and practical hands-on application of classroom learning in the beautiful Russian River Watershed at Shone Farm near Forestville. Facilities include 120-acres of forest and campground where students learn about watershed management, management of natural resources, and park and recreation management.

In addition to guest lecturers, students participate in field trips, demonstrations, presentations, and workshops led by industry professionals providing a rich learning experience.

If you have dreamed about an interesting career that keeps you in the great outdoors, Santa Rosa Junior College's Natural Resource Management Program offers outstanding job training and educational opportunities to help you follow your path to a rewarding green job.

Earn a Certificate or Degree

Students may earn the following degrees or certificates in Natural Resources Management, Watershed Management, and Parks and Recreation Management:

Natural Resources: Parks and Recreation Management Major (AS)

Natural Resources: Watershed Management Major (AS)

Natural Resources Management Certificate

Natural Resources: Parks and Recreation Management Certificate

Natural Resources: Watershed Management Certificate


I thoroughly enjoy every Natural Resource class I take! Not only is the information learned in a fantastic setting outside, the time to know as much as we can about our natural resources is definitely now. The classes are fun, educational, and a blessed break from the grind of drier subjects. How fun is hiking in the woods learning about nature?!

In the words of Thomas J Elpel, "wandering in the world not knowing anything about its flora and fauna, is like standing in a crowded party and not knowing any ones name."

Don't succumb to the dry mind numbing reality being crammed down our throats by the media. I for one am glad that you and all the other great people involved in the Natural Resources Management program are there keeping the earth alive.

— Nathan Wandrey, Park Ranger Assistant

The instructors in the Natural Resource Management Program at the Santa Rosa Junior College are truly dedicated to helping their students find employment in their field of choice. Every instructor I had gave me information about employment opportunities throughout each semester. Not only were they helpful in giving employment leads, the instructors were also available to give career advice and mentoring to every student. I learned so much in this program, and was provided with a good deal of practical hands-on learning opportunities outside of the traditional classroom setting. No matter what your interest is in the field of Natural Resource Management, SRJC instructors are available to help you find employment and achieve your dreams. I had nothing but positive experiences in this program, and with the help of my instructors I am now happily employed at a great job!

— Ellie Muelrath

Contact Us

Kasey Wade

Program Coordinator/Instructor
Telephone: (707) 527-4966
Fax: (707) 527-4651
Room 2098, Lark Hall, Santa Rosa Campus


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