Student Opportunities

Job Board

Interested in posting a job for SRJC Ag/NR students? Employers looking to post a job opportunity can email and the posting will be emailed directly to Agriculture and Natural Resources students. Please also post the position on the SRJC job board site:

Students interested in receiving job posting updates can sign up for email updates here.

Student Residence at Shone Farm

Shone Farm offers students the ability to reside in Resident Housing located on the farm. In lieu of rent, student residents are able to do a work exchange of approximately 12 hours per week.

Click here to view more information on the Shone Farm website and fill out the application.

Enterprise Project (AGRI 56)

Click here to view more information on the Shone Farm website.

Independent Study (AGRI 98)

Students may enroll in AGRI 98, Independent Study in Agriculture. Under an instructor’s supervision, students work on special projects that they have selected to expand their exploration of a topic of interest.

Click here to view the SRJC Independent Study Statement and Worksheet (PDF)

Work Experience (AGRI 99) & Internship (AGRI 99I)

For more information, visit the Career Education website: