Student Opportunities

Student Residence at Shone Farm

Each year, full-time students are selected to participate in the Shone Farm Resident Program and to live in the Shone Farm dorms in exchange for working on the farm. The number of hours of work varies with farm activities, but is, on average 45 to 50 hours per month. Student residents may also have the opportunity to work additional hours at Shone Farm as student employees at the prevailing student rate. Student residents are provided extensive training and an opportunity to participate in numerous farm activities and projects. Consideration of work assignments are made based on each student’s area of study.

See the student residence application (PDF).



Shone Farm offers opportunities for students to become involved in enterprise projects. An enterprise project allows students to explore a particular business, crop, or product idea and take it from concept to market utilizing their growing skills and knowledge. This educational opportunity encourages students to experiment with starting a business with little risk. First, the student writes a business plan and submits it to one of the faculty program coordinators and the Shone Farm Manager. Once approved, the student starts, manages, and finally markets the product. The student keeps two thirds of the actual profit from the business, with the remaining one third going back to Shone Farm. Projects have included: raising chickens and rabbits; growing flowers for sale to local florists; growing pumpkins for a fall u-pick and melons for sale through local outlets; raising vegetables; growing herb bowls to sell to nurseries; and raising pigs and steer for sale to commercial markets.

See the Enterprise Project Application Form (PDF)



Students may enroll in AGRI 98, Independent Study in Agriculture. Under an instructor’s supervision, students work on special projects that they have selected to expand their exploration of a topic of interest.

See the SRJC Independent Study Statement and Worksheet (PDF)


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