Agribusiness: The Business Side of Agriculture

With the increase in global trade and the robust level of agricultural productivity in the free market economy, there is a need for specialized skills in agribusiness. In order prepare future employees for this rapidly growing sector of agriculture, the SRJC agribusiness certificate and degree programs offer the training and experiences for meeting these changing needs.

The core curriculum of SRJC agribusiness program provides the knowledge and skills to help students understand the applications of economic principles and practice in agriculture. In addition, this program trains students in the basic principles and techniques of agricultural sales and marketing. Finally, the program prepares students to analyze and utilize market data to make management decisions.  

Design of the Program

The courses in the SRJC agribusiness program have been organized and sequenced to allow students to complete the certificate in one academic year and complete the major (Associate Degree) in two years. The SRJC agribusiness program offers a two-prong approach; (1) prepare students for careers after earning a certificate or an Associate of Science (AS) degree  (2) Earning an AS degree and transferring to a University. The SRJC Associate of Science degree in Agribusiness has been articulated with the California State Universities (CSUs). Students that complete the AS degree in Agribusiness at SRJC are guaranteed admission as juniors at one of the CSUs.

Career Opportunities For Agribusiness Majors

The agribusiness sector is the fastest growing sector in agriculture. The fast-paced growth in the agribusiness sector offers a wide range of career opportunities both domestically and globally. In Sonoma County, the agribusiness sector is currently projected to grow approximately 14% annually between 2014-2017. 

With this growth in the agribusiness sector, there has been an expansion in career options that include; marketing managers, sales managers, brokers, appraisers, loan officers, farm managers, analysts, farm accountants and entrepreneurs.

More About Agribusiness Degrees and Certificates

Quality Instructors

Since the agribusiness sector is rapidly changing, in terms of the scope and level of specialization, it is imperative that the program hires faculty from a wide range of backgrounds. The agribusiness faculty have extensive academic and industry experience. A large number of agribusiness faculty work in finance, sales, marketing, farm and ranch management positions in Sonoma County. As such, students interact with a wide range of industry experts during their training at SRJC.

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