Environmental Horticulture


Environmental Horticulture is the art and science of improving the quality of life by planting gardens: the “environmental” quality of our surroundings and human living spaces; “horticulture” (from Latin) means “to cultivate a garden,” a very popular pastime throughout America. In fact, while the current economy has had negative impacts on many industries, home gardening is in full bloom. California’s Environmental Horticulture industry leads the way by commanding over a quarter of U.S. nursery production and retail sales, creating thousands of jobs and new businesses each year. The Environmental Horticulture Program at SRJC prepares students to step into a broad range of career opportunities available in this field with four different Associate in Science degrees and transfer programs and eight career certificate programs.


Contact Information for Environmental Horticulture Program

Joel Grogan
Environmental Horticulture Program Coordinator
Agriculture and Natural Resources
Lark 2099
Phone: 707-527-4409
Email: jgrogan@santarosa.edu
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