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If you've always had a compassionate interest in working and caring for animals, the field of animal patient care is an excellent career path. SRJC’s courses were specifically designed to meet state requirements for those who wish to become Registered Veterinary Technicians in California. The RVT track courses offered at Santa Rosa Junior College are appropriate and useful for all individuals working or interested in working as veterinary office receptionists or as veterinary technician assistants, regardless of whether or not they plan to take the California RVT examination.

Offered through SRJC's outstanding Agriculture and Natural Resources Department, the largest community college agriculture program in the state, you can feel confident that you are building your career on a tradition of excellence when you enroll in SRJC’s Veterinary Technician Program. So, if you wish to provide critical and compassionate animal care, become a Registered Veterinary Technician!

Vet Techs in High Demand

Veterinary Technicians provide VITAL and continuing assistance to an array of animals. This diverse field includes workplace settings in private veterinary hospitals, specialty care centers, research facilities, animal shelters, government agencies, livestock management facilities, the military, and zoos. There is a shortage of Registered Veterinary Technicians in the North Bay region and across the state. The demand for RVTs and unregistered Veterinary Technicians is expected to continue to grow at an even greater pace in the future. The majority of Veterinary Technicians work with canine and feline patients in veterinary hospitals. Veterinary Technicians are also employed working with equine, pet exotic, farm, and wildlife species. When you enroll in SRJC's Veterinary Technician Program, you will acquire the knowledge that qualifies you for an exciting career.

SRJC's Top Instruction

As one of the nation's premier two-year colleges, SRJC offers high caliber education and career skills experience that is industry driven. Recognizing students' busy work and family demands, most classes are scheduled in the evening. As with every SRJC program, there are excellent services for students and financial aid to help students succeed while enrolled.

Earn Career Certificate

You may learn more about the Vet Tech Career Certificate at the Agriculture & Natural Resources Department and by reviewing SRJC’s Schedule of Classes online for course offerings (search for "Animal Health"). Students who complete the certificate will have fulfilled the academic requirements to be eligible to sit for the RVT Board exam through the Alternate Route. To earn a Certificate of Completion in SRJC's Veterinary Technician Program, students enrolled are required to complete the following:

23 Semester Units of Approved Animal Health Courses

Students will also enjoy outstanding instruction that covers:

  • Veterinary anatomy, physiology, medical terminology
  • Veterinary medical office procedures
  • Surgical and dental anatomy and assistance
  • Small animal disease recognition and transmission control
  • Veterinary laboratory and pharmacy procedures
  • Veterinary assistance and nursing

Registered Veterinary Technician Exams

There are three distinctly different routes to becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) in California. The direct route is to go to a school dedicated to a two-year program of intensive study to qualify to sit for the RVT board exam. The second route is to already be an RVT in another state. Luckily, since many people do not have the time or finances to drop everything for two years, there is also an alternative route available.

The coursework required for the third or “Alternative Route,” is available at the Santa Rosa Junior College. The Alternative Route requires student to complete a minimum of 20 approved semester units of Animal Health courses and the equivalent of two full-time years of practical experience working for a licensed veterinarian. Students that complete the courses and practical experience within a five-year period are then qualified to sit for the RVT board exam. Students that successfully pass the board exam are then considered Registered Veterinary Technicians.

Applications for the RVT examination and detailed information about the testing process and eligibility may be found at the California Veterinary Medical Board Web site.

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