Wine Studies

Come Share Our Passion for Wine!

In the world of wine, Sonoma County ranks among the premier wine production locations in the world. Sonoma County's winemakers and their products have dazzled consumers in the United States and around the globe as the wine industry has rapidly flourished in Sonoma County's renowned and spectacular wine country.

There's no better place for students to immerse themselves in wine studies than at Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC). The college is situated  in the heart of the Sonoma County Wine Country. Wine Studies students enjoy hands-on learning at SRJC's Shone Farm, which includes 365 acres of vineyards, orchards, pasture, forest, and vegetable gardens. In this  stunning outdoor laboratory overlooking the Russian River, students have an opportunity to harvest grapes in the Shone Farm vineyard and make wine at the Shone Farm Winery. Click here to see the awards given our SRJC Shone Farm Wines!

To support Sonoma County’s vital and successful wine industry, SRJC has developed a first class Wine Studies Program, delivered by highly skilled and well-known members of the wine industry.  Wine Studies is a two-year program  leading to either an Associate in Science degree or a Certificate of Achievement in  on one of three areas of concentration:

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The Enology concentration offers students the theory behind winemaking practices along with an intense, hands-on experience in fall and spring winery operations. The program includes an introduction to wine chemistry and wine lab analysis. SRJC's Enology concentration is an interdisciplinary academic/occupational program between the College's outstanding Chemistry and Agriculture/Natural Resources Departments. The Enology emphasis prepares students for entry- and mid-level positions such as wine laboratory assistant, cellar master, assistant winemaker, winery education director, wine quality control specialist, and sensory evaluation personnel.

Wine Cellar Worker

The Wine Studies: Wine Cellar Worker degree teaches students, through hands-on experience, the theory and practices used in the production of wine, including basic grape growing practices and vineyard decisions, steps in the winemaking process from harvest to bottling, basic wine lab analyses, and the use of winery production equipment. Students can also get a general background in the wines of Sonoma County and the world. The Wine Studies: Wine Cellar Worker degree prepares students for entry-level positions as wine cellar workers. If students later choose to advance in responsibility to jobs such as assistant winemaker or wine laboratory technicians, they can take the classes required for the Wine Studies: Enology certificate or major. The Wine Cellar Worker and Enology degrees differ primarily in the chemistry and wine lab classes required for the Enology certificate.

Wine Hospitality and Direct Marketing

This program concentration gives students a thorough understanding of wines produced locally, regionally, and internationally. Students learn the components of tasting wines, judging wines, and pairing wines with different foods.

The courses are combined with wine industry event planning, consumer direct wine sales and marketing, and service and hospitality to prepare students for specific job opportunities that include wine consultant, server, tasting room representative, wine sales specialist, wine educator, wine club administrator, and winery and restaurant event staff.

Wine Marketing 

In Wine Business and Marketing, students learn many aspects of wine business sales and marketing to effectively market and promote wine, including solid agriculture business classes: computer applications, wine business management, sales and communications, marketing and wine sales and distribution. This program prepares students to pursue a variety of possible wine industry jobs that range from sales representative, direct sales manager, and regional sales manager to wine advertising sales, fine wine sales representative, public relations and marketing coordinator, and wine merchandiser.

Two-Year Certificate or Degree

Students can earn a Certificate of Achievement in Wine Studies by taking core courses along with one of the concentration areas or earn an Associate in Science degree by adding transferable general education classes for a total of at least 60 units.

The Wine Studies Program at SRJC is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in the wine and wine-related industries and to increase career advancement opportunities for individuals already employed in the industry. A broad range of employment opportunities include:

  • Hospitality Assistant
  • Event Staff
  • Cellar Assistant
  • Wine Sales Specialist
  • Winery Tour Guide
  • Tasting Room Manager
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Winery Assistant
  • Hospitality Manager
  • Field Inspector for Vineyard Operations
  • Wine Ambassador
  • Winery Relations
  • Wine Specialist
  • Tasting Room Assistant
  • Assistant Winemaker
  • Wine Educator/Consultant
  • Wine Hospitality Assistant
  • Wine Club Coordinator
  • Winery Laboratory Technician
  • Grower Relations

A Taste Of Wine Industry Opportunities

The first year of SRJC's two-year Wine Studies Program includes core courses that give students foundational knowledge and skills in world viticulture and wine styles, wine component tasting, and professional wine judging.  Students round out the first year of study with a course in winery operations or enology.

In the second year of the program, students select an area of specialization from either Wine Business and Marketing, Wine Evaluation and Service, or Enology.

Industry Endorsed

SRJC's Wine Studies Program is actively supported, endorsed, and guided by the College’s Wine Studies Advisory Committee, which is made up of prominent local representatives from the agribusiness and wine industries.

Many SRJC Wine Studies courses are articulated with UC/CSU viticulture and enology programs.