Wine Sales and Marketing Major and Certificate Suggested Course Sequence

Effective:  Fall 2018  
Course Number  Course Title Units
First Semester    
WINE 1 (offered every semester) Intro to Vit, Wine, Wines of the World 3.00
WINE 70 (offered every semester) Beginning Wine Sensory Analysis 1.50
WINE 110 (offered every semester) Advanced Wine Sensory Analysis 1.50
BMK 50 (offered in fall)
(substituted for AgBus 61)
Marketing 3.00
WINE 102 (offered in fall) Wine Marketing 1.50
  First Semester Unit Total:  10.50
Second Semester    
WINE 42.1 (2.0-offered every fall)) & WINE 42.2 (2.0-offered every spring) OR WINE 3 (4.0-offered every semester) Winery Operations (WINE 42) or Introduction to Enology (WINE 3) 4.00
AGBUS 2 (offered every semester) Agricultural Computer Applications 3.00
WINE 101 (offered in spring) Wine Sales 1.50
WINE 103 (offered in spring) Wine Direct to Consumer Sales 1.50
  Second Semester Unit Total:  10.00
Third Semester    
BMG 50 
(substituted for AgBus 56)
Intro to Management and Supervision 3.00
WINE 42.1 (2.0) or WINE 42.2 (2.0) if selected instead of WINE 3 Winery Operations (units included in 4.0 in Second Semester)  
Restricted Electives See program requirements for list 3.00
  Third Semester Unit Total:  6.00
  Minimum units to meet program requirements:  26.50