Ag/NR Programs

Program Descriptions

Agribusiness Program

The Agribusiness major teaches the application of business concepts to the agricultural industry.

Animal Science Program

Animal Science is concerned with the science, business and art of the production of beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, poultry, sheep and swine.

Equine Science Program

The Equine Science major is intended to certify that students completing this program are prepared to enter careers in equine science or transfer into equine science programs at state colleges and universities.

Environmental Horticulture Program

The Horticulture major at Santa Rosa Junior College will prepare students for employment in design/build landscape contracting firms, full service retail garden centers, landscape architecture offices, entrepreneurial garden design enterprises, and to advance to management positions in nurseries that propagate, grow and market plants for use in the home, business or the landscape.

Floristry Program

The Floristry program offers an exciting, comprehensive and practical education that allows students to explore the beautiful and creative world of floral design.

Natural Resource Management Program

The Natural Resource Management major equips students with knowledge, skills, and experience needed to make a successful contribution to the newly emerging and rapidly expanding science of sustainable resource management.

Sustainable Agriculture Program

The Sustainable Agriculture degree and certificate program is designed to train farmers and gardeners in the techniques of sustainable food production.

Veterinary Technician Program

The RVT track courses offered at Santa Rosa Junior College are appropriate and useful for all individuals working or interested in working as veterinary office receptionists or as veterinary technician assistants, regardless of whether or not they plan to take the California RVT examination.

Viticulture Program

The Viticulture program focuses on the growing of grapes for winemaking, including seasonal practices in the vineyard and vineyard management. Since the successful viticulturist in today's industry must also be expert in the relationship of grape growing and wine production, the program also includes enology and winery operations components.

Wine Studies Program

The Wine Studies major is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in the wine and wine related industries and to increase career advancement opportunities for persons already employed in the industry.


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