Course Substitution Instructions

Here are the steps to completing a course substitution:
  1. Consult with the wine program coordinator and get approval for a course substitution. Generally, approvals are granted for:
  • Substitutions of another class with very similar subject matter.
  • Substitutions of the same number of units when you have already taken or are expert in the required subject matter.
    • For example, AgBus 2 (Ag Computer Operations) covers Excel, Goodle Docs, Word, and PowerPoint. If you have taken a class that covers all or most of these topics, or if you work with these extensively on the job, you might be able to subsitute for AgBus 2 another class with the same number of units.
  1. Once you have agreement with the wine program coordinator about the substitution, complete the course substitution form found on the Admissions and Records website here.
  2. Once the form is submitted on the Admissions and Records website, there is nothing else for you to do except check your Cubby in a couple of weeks. Look under “petitions” and you should see the approval.
  • Note that if you do an audit of your preparation for graduation (“Check myDegree progress” or “Check myCertificate progress” in your Cubby) you won’t see the substitution as fulfilling the missing class requirement. But as long as you see the petition was approved, you are good to go for graduation. If in doubt, you can call the Admissions and Records department ((707) 527-4685)