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I'm Briana Boaz, professor and coordinator for SRJC's Natural Resources program. I would love to connect with your virtual classroom and discuss your choice of California's current natural resource issues, including: Forests & Fire; California Native Biodiversity and its Many Threats; Pre-and-post-fire Ecosystem Management; and/or Climate Change: Causes and Solutions. We could also have an informal discussion about current pathways in the natural resources field with ample time for Q&A.

Dr. Dan Famini, coordinator of the SRJC Veterinary Technician program and upcoming Pre-Veterinary Major, is happy to zoom into and connect with one of your classrooms. I am also a practicing veterinarian at a local emergency clinic, and for Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue. I am open to either an informal discussion about the veterinary field or veterinary education, a structured talk, or a combination of the two. Topics could include: Pathway to Becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician, Pathway to Becoming a Veterinarian, A Typical Day at the Emergency Clinic, A Veterinary X-ray Exploration, or other topics by arrangement. I look forward to connecting to one classroom each week for up to an hour on either a Monday or Wednesday.

Hi Everyone, this is Kevin Sea, coordinator of the Wine Studies program at Santa Rosa Junior College. I would like to call into your high school class and talk about our program! There are so many jobs in wineries each fall during harvest, and workers need only be 18 years old. We need to spread the word to the upcoming high school graduates! In addition, I would like to talk about our programs. For some fun, we can do a little wine sensory analysis challenge (if you have a chance to buy cilantro and jelly beans at the store).

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