Wine Studies-Where to Start

Thanks for your interest in the Wine Studies Program!

The Wine Studies program now offers four degrees/certificates (the difference is degrees require general education classes in addition to wine requirements where the certificate requires just the wine classes):

  • Wine Cellar Worker

  • Enology

  • Wine Marketing

  • Wine Hospitality and Direct Marketing

For all degrees/certificates, the introductory classes are:

  • Wine 1 (Introduction to Wine and Viticulture and Wines of the World)

  • Wine 3 (Introduction to Enology)

  • Wine 70 (Beginning Sensory Analysis)

  • Wine 110 (Advanced Sensory Analysis)

Wine 1, Wine 3 and Wine 110 are offered every semester and Wine 70 is usually offered twice each semester (once in the first 8 weeks and once in the second 8 weeks).

Wine 3 (Introduction to Enology) is offered in both an in-person and a “hybrid” version (in which lectures are online and labs are in-person on four Saturdays). In the fall semester, assignments in the Wine 3 hybrid class start in mid-October and labs are in November and December.

A comparison of the Marketing and Hospitality and Service degree/certificate course requirements is here.

If you are interested in Wine Hospitality and Service, it can be completed in one year

View the Wine Studies Program English Requirements here:

The class schedule can be found here:

To start the application and enrollment process, the best place is here:

After applying, the counseling center is a great next stop. They know the certificate requirements and can help with which classes to take first. You can make an appointment at 707-527-4451. After going through the counseling process, students get priority registration.

Please let us know if you have other questions, and thanks again for your interest in the Wine Studies program. We look forward to seeing you in a class soon!